Thursday, January 29, 2015

Maurice goes to New York City

Once upon a time, a dude named Maurice moved to New York City. Maurice didn't have a house, so he went to the store. He craved an orange. He intended to buy an orange, but the store didn't have any. Maurice couldn't take it anymore. He was walking down the street, and he met this guy. This guy had a nose that had previously been  broken, and he looked fly. He mugged Maurice. Maurice left New York City.
The End

Friday, January 23, 2015


I put on a grimy men's undershirt, some cutoff overalls, and go into the bathroom. I stick my head in the sink, and the cold water hits my head, and I gasp. I quickly get to my towel and dry my hair off, but not all the way. I get a quarter sized dollop of hair gel, and I brush it into my scalp, and my hair becomes slicked back smoothly. My next retrieval is a black eyeliner pencil. I draw two straight lines, on my upper lip, and snort. I'm looking at my reflection in the mirror, and I am in costume as Maurice, the male love interest of The Darkness of Beyond. I look hilarious. This is the best costume I have ever been in. Oh Maurice. You sexy beast. I giggle uncontrollably.
Maurice is a country musician hoping to become a rapper. Maurice does not want to be anything other that a country rapper, and he is dating the girl from across the street, Phillipa. I had written a musical score for the film we were planning on making, including songs such as When I'm Famous, Ankle Socks, Why do Cowboys go Commando, and I'm too Sweaty. Sadly the movie was never made, and the score was never released, but all songs were written and demos were recorded by me. The DOB is yet to be made.

This is Etti and I Dressed as Phillipa and Maurice

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Snowshoeing is not my favorite thing. Usually. We stopped for lunch. It was cold and wet, and the ermine and mouse had completed their chase. I was done with my lunch, but so were many others. We began to break off from the herd, in small groups, branching off of the teacher group. I crawled along the top of the snowpack, moving towards the top of the hill. I lay down on top of the hill, rolling down quickly. I sit up at the bottom of the slope, giggling and covered in snow. I am followed by Rachel, Sofie, and Grace. I find my way back to the central grouping of people to see that there is a hollow in the snow where people are tackling each other, I join in, and help to take Rowan down. I am soon giggling and sitting on the ground, out of breath and still ready to play.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

There's Something About old Punk.

There's something about old punk. It doesn't have a name, it's just the feeling of music. There's a soul to it, different from that of modern music. I can't seem to resist the guitar and matching melody, the rough and gritty lyrics and vocals. But it's not what you think, it's not all melodic, and it's not distasteful. It's just unpolished, and the best way to describe it is raw. It's emotion and opinions in an unusual and fascinating way. It feels wrong to listen quietly, to observe only. It must be a part of the listener, it must be understood. And that's why I love it.