Friday, April 24, 2015

More Poems

Red stretches around me,
my fingers dig into the fine sand.
I am held by stone and mud,
a part of the silent forest. 
The horizon ends at the edge of a crater
I can hear my own breathing,
and the gratings of insects.
All is below me,
silent and still. 
Far below, dirt has formed a miniature canyon
A model of where I am. 

The strain of muscles
my feet pounding grassy earth
blood pumps from my heart.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Once was Math Class

Grey lighting, 
Too hot or too cold.
Boredom almost killing, 
Slumping in uncomfortable chairs, 
Away from the group, 
Passing notes. 
Silent laughter, 
Shared smiles. 
Fluttering stomachs,
Like the wings of butterflies. 


There once was a child from Detroit.
At fishing he was quite adroit.
He once caught a finger, 
And then ceased to linger,
For his hands had been so maladroit. 

There once was a pony from Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg
Who broke his foot on a log
He had been a runnin'
He was moved by a Djinn,
And found out that he was in a bog. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Free Verse Poems


Trying hard to picture a day
Bright and warm
Less windy than today.
In a place where the grass is long
And fine and brilliantly colored. 
Where moss coats the roots of the deciduous trees. 
There is a stream, 
Or a creek,
Flowing between the trees, 
And it is crystal clear, 
And it has been running for hundreds of years. 
Somewhere where the foliage glows green where the sun rises.
There are no roads wide enough for a car. 
Water from the creek falls
Into a pool surrounded by granite.
The pool drains to the ocean, 
Surrounded by tall grasses, 
And pale, small, 
Grains of sand. 


The sky is brightened by the star the solar system orbits around.
The brightness shines down,
Turning the pale brown of my skin to pink. 
When the pink fades, it leaves brown dots,
They are said to mar the human complexion, 
But abnormalities, 
Such as freckles,
Are simply aberrations in skin color.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Occasional Poetry

The wind was loud,
The cannon hot,
The first ship, Ranger
Blackbeard got.
The wind blew fast across the sea,
The Jane pulled up beside.
Adventure sprouted yellow
Sulphur smoke poured hot and loud.
The pirates boarded
Sight unseen unto the deck of the Jane
And when the hot summer wind swept aside the smoke,
Blackbeard's life was took
Twenty stabs and many shots,
Took him to the deck.
Two years, one beard,
A man, one death.
Legend, forever made.

Ode to the Dog

In the middle of the night
     And my pillows have vanished
You are there,
     Having pushed my other pillows off the bed.
If I am sitting on the couch
     you are always there,
holding your toy hippo
     Saying please take this out of my mouth
And I say no, take your nasty toy away.
And then I give in, grab it, and throw.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Haikus: Spring cycle

Vinka is blooming
Loud among the emerald leaves
Deep shadows beneath

Grapefruit with a bruise
It has no seeds inside it
No hope of new growth

The pinto bean grows
Out of a jar filled with dirt
Green vines; a dry source

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The pollen is in the air. It crawls up my nose and causes catastrophic sneezes and extreme eye itchiness. With the combination of eye rubbing and tiredness, my eyelids are a strange lavender color. My catastrophic sneezes start at my waist and then move up until they escape with a ridiculously enormous ACHOO! In the summer sagebrush makes my eyes turn as red as if I had pinkeye, and I can't go two minutes without sneezing.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tumble (3/31)

I'm launching myself into the air, my arms and shoulders preparing to catch me. I forgot how much fun this was. Once my hands hit the ground, my muscles move automatically, and my feet are on the ground. My forward motion pushes my forward, onto my hands and knees, but I am smiling, and I get up and do it again. I feel powerful and strong. I do it again, left foot forward, hopping on it, swinging my right leg into the air. I bring it down, and jump forwards and up. I reach out my arms, my body in the air, stretching to the ground. My hands hit, and I do a shrug that helps my body spring off of the ground and into the air again. My feet come towards the ground, and my back bends as my feet hit the ground and my arms swing in front if me at a ninety degree angle from my torso. Front handspring.