Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Free Verse Poems


Trying hard to picture a day
Bright and warm
Less windy than today.
In a place where the grass is long
And fine and brilliantly colored. 
Where moss coats the roots of the deciduous trees. 
There is a stream, 
Or a creek,
Flowing between the trees, 
And it is crystal clear, 
And it has been running for hundreds of years. 
Somewhere where the foliage glows green where the sun rises.
There are no roads wide enough for a car. 
Water from the creek falls
Into a pool surrounded by granite.
The pool drains to the ocean, 
Surrounded by tall grasses, 
And pale, small, 
Grains of sand. 


The sky is brightened by the star the solar system orbits around.
The brightness shines down,
Turning the pale brown of my skin to pink. 
When the pink fades, it leaves brown dots,
They are said to mar the human complexion, 
But abnormalities, 
Such as freckles,
Are simply aberrations in skin color.


  1. I like these, where did you write them? I like the very end: and pale, small, grains of sand. :)

  2. I liked the freckles poem the best, it was humorous but also had some good descriptions. Nice work.