Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tumble (3/31)

I'm launching myself into the air, my arms and shoulders preparing to catch me. I forgot how much fun this was. Once my hands hit the ground, my muscles move automatically, and my feet are on the ground. My forward motion pushes my forward, onto my hands and knees, but I am smiling, and I get up and do it again. I feel powerful and strong. I do it again, left foot forward, hopping on it, swinging my right leg into the air. I bring it down, and jump forwards and up. I reach out my arms, my body in the air, stretching to the ground. My hands hit, and I do a shrug that helps my body spring off of the ground and into the air again. My feet come towards the ground, and my back bends as my feet hit the ground and my arms swing in front if me at a ninety degree angle from my torso. Front handspring.

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